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Golden Age

Welcome to Golden Age

Time is a foe of memory. Nobody can turn back the wheel of time.

Vintage items witnessed the evolution of our world but many of them have already vanished into the history without a trace. In the absence of historical witness, many history episodes were lost in our memory.

The objective of this website is to let the history lovers enter a "TIME WARP" to capture the vintage items. Many of them are unique and rare and have their own untold stories.

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New Article

Our new article  "Nathan Road - Transformation from Avenue to Thoroughfare" has been posted in Library of our website.


Rarity - Hong Kong 2015

Our auction "Rarity - Hong Kong 2015" at Upper Bazaar has been successfully completed. Craigengower Cricket Club ("the Club") won a Chinese silver export two-handled oval tea tray which had been presented as a farewell gift to the Club's founder - Mr. William Drew Braidwood by Hongkong College (Ellis Kadoorie School) in 1914. We are glad to see the Club is a home of this artifact.